Established in 1907

The Foundation of Our Success

Our Facilities

Being a leading basmati rice brand, Shri Lal Mahal’s range of products strives to surpass the epitome of excellent quality. Each one of our products is created with the utmost love and care. We ensure that delightful flavors are delivered to your food table with every Shrilalmahal delicacy!

Factory Delhi - Shri Lal Mahal


Singhu, Delhi with a capacity of
700 MTs/ Day

Haryana Factory - Shri Lal Mahal


Kundali, Haryana with a capacity of 1000 MTs/ Day

Gandhidham Factory - Shri Lal Mahal

Gandhidham, Guj

Gandhidham, Gujarat with a capacity of 1300 MTs/ Day

Our Process

A perfect recipe for the perfect rice. Serving you a spoonful of flavours. 



batches of paddy pass through our paddy cleaners which remove all dust and impurities. With this begins the journey of our finest rice.



pieces of stones that get mixed with the paddy are separated to ensure the purity of every grain



The rice then undergoes steeping in cold or warm water and steaming under pressure. This gelatinises the rice to seal the cracks and harden it. These hardened grains do not break during the purifying process bringing long, whole grains to your meal.