Established in 1907

Premium quality products that set us apart


Shri Lal Mahal has grown to become the most trusted name in rice brands, both at home and overseas. As an emerging global exporter of the finest Basmati rice, we take a lot of pride in our products. 

We continue to set the benchmark of quality and perfection with our premium quality products.

Our Products

Being a leading basmati rice brand, Shri Lal Mahal’s range of products strives to surpass the epitome of excellent quality. Each one of our products is created with the utmost love and care. We ensure that delightful flavors are delivered to your food table with every Shri Lal Mahal delicacy!


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Working with Shri Lal Mahal as a distributor provides an opportunity to handle top-quality products with one of India’s leading rice brands.