Established in 1907

Adding a legacy of flavours to every meal

Our Story

The year was 1907 when a humble farmer from Uttar Pradesh laid the foundation stone of what, today, is the biggest rice producer of India. The story of Shri Lal Mahal is the story of how with the right blend of entrepreneurial instincts and honest hard work, a small business house came to rule the world of Basmati and non-Basmati Rice. 

It has been 115 years since Shri Lalmahal’s inception, and we still hold true to the legacy of values laid down by our founder Late Lala Mauji Ram. This unwavering commitment to quality has allowed Shri Lal Mahal to have a stellar production capacity of 3000 MT rice per day. They are also the first rice producers that exported 5,000 MT of Basmati Rice from India to Europe, in 1978. To this date, we hold the record of having loaded 16 shipments of rice in a single month. 

Today, Shri Lalmahal has a presence in more than 44 countries across the globe, delivering the rice, wheat, spices, and other agro products to countries in Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East Asia.


The real strength behind Shri Lal Mahal’s excellence

At every step in our journey, we have ensured that we employ state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps us deliver our promise of the highest standards of quality. With a production capacity of over 12,00,000 MT per annum, our milling technology retains the purity of every grain produced.

Being the biggest rice producers in India, we have established smooth sailing operations in the major rice centres in the country. Our factories have helped us create an unparalleled capacity when it comes to producing and exporting rice. 

Our factory in Singhu, Delhi has a capacity of 700 MTs a day, the one in Kundali, Haryana has a capacity of 1000 MTs a day, while our Gujarat factory in Gandhidham produces 1300 MTs of rice a day.



Manufacturing Facilities



Our Process

A perfect recipe for the perfect rice. Serving you a spoonful of flavours. 



batches of paddy pass through our paddy cleaners which remove all dust and impurities. With this begins the journey of our finest rice.



pieces of stones that get mixed with the paddy are separated to ensure the purity of every grain



The rice then undergoes steeping in cold or warm water and steaming under pressure. This gelatinises the rice to seal the cracks and harden it. These hardened grains do not break during the purifying process bringing long, whole grains to your meal.

Our Team

With a legacy of over 100 years, we have a well-seasoned team at the helm.

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