Neelam Basmati Rice Exporters

Shri Lal Mahal is also one of the leading exporters of non-Basmati Rice in India. Our premium range of rice comes in variety of sizes. They are available in the long size grain that is highly considered as good quality non-basmati rice. Apart from that, some of them are available in small or medium grains that are usually meant for daily consumption and considered to be a staple food.

One of the essential features of this rice is that it breaks down easily as they are light in nature. It is considered as a wise choice for all the consumers in domestic as well as international markets. We also ensure the supremacy of quality before exporting our products. As one of the largest exporters of non-Basmati Rice, our team of experts checks through the quality of grains before preserving the nutrients in a environment-friendly packaging.

Non-Basmati Rice

Unlike Basmati Rice, non-basmati rice is processed starting from the procedure of hull removal to the removing of bran. Equivalent to Basmati Rice, it imparts rich aroma, unique taste and high nutritional value, thus making it a wise choice for all the consumers. In India, non-basmati rice comes in different sizes. Some are long and some regarded as medium grains, while some are short or thick, as well as some are bead-shaped and some seems to be round.

Each grain is refined to an unmatched quality and nutrition of each grain is preserved with specialized packaging techniques. This in turn helps in retaining the taste, freshness and delicious taste of the rice. Non-Basmati Rice is usually meant for daily consumption and considered to be a staple food. The rice breaks down easily, digestible and is light too. We also ensure supremacy of quality as it is triple cleaned, processed and then packed in a environment-friendly manner.