Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is processed and converted at its first stage itself. During harvesting stage, the grains are soaked, steamed and later dried. This process completely eradicates the starch coated on each of the rice grains. As a result, the grains become transparent, less sticky and separated.

The grains, are then properly milled so that rice could obtain a yellow or a golden colour. Here, the nutritional value of the grains is enhanced by retaining some amount of nutrition from the hull itself. This kind of processing turns the rice grains into fluffy, separated long grain parboiled rice.

It also makes the rice a better source of fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin B6 than any other form of rice. One can easily find this long-grained parboiled rice either white or brown. It is also regarded as Golden rice. Parboiled rice might sound pre-cooked, but it is just processed in a different manner than the other forms of rice.

Long Grain Basmati Rice

There are many oriental varieties of rice with long grains. However, the best known variety is Basmati Rice. Apart from long and slender grains, it imparts rich aroma, unique and nutty flavour to your dish. Authentic Basmati Rice is translucent and creamy white in colour.

Our long-grained Basmati Rice measures 6.61 - 7.5 mm long or even more than 7.50 mm and 2 mm breadth. Other than this, you can measure your rice on one more criteria. The ratio of length to width needs to be over 3.0, in order to qualify it as the perfect Basmati Rice. Upon cooking, the rice turns tender but remains firm and separated. Due to its non-sticky nature, it is easy to cook without splitting.

This particular rice has a tendency to elongate almost twice than its original size, but does not fatten upon cooking. Since, there are many varieties of Basmati Rice in India; it is difficult to recognize the original form, not until you tried it before. Our long-grained Basmati rice blends well with the flavour of all curries.

Indian long grain rice

Indian long grain rice has become culinary delight. Complimented by the high elongation post-cooking, its rich aroma and unique taste adds perfection to every meal. We offer nature�s finest grains, nurtured with love and care, and processed in an organic way. The rice is processed under complete hygienic conditions by our quality testing team.

Also, 100% purity is ensured while packaging. Long-grain parboiled rice and long-grain sharbati rice have high nutritional value and excellent taste. Indian long grain rice is highly in demand in international markets as well. Apart from Basmati Rice, there are non-Basmati long-grain rice that are offered by us.

They also tend to elongate upon cooking, but much less likely than Basmati Rice. Its aroma and tantalizing taste can mesmerize food lovers for sure. Variety of delicacies and cuisines are prepared across the world using long grain rice. Our rice contains low-gluten and perfect for people those who follow gluten free diets.

Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is partially treated at the harvesting stage. Unlike, other rice, which goes through the procedure of hull-removal or removing of bran, parboiled rice, is treated in the hull. It involves three steps of processing the rice. Before removing the inedible hull, the rice get first soaked, steamed and then dried.

The process of steaming enables the grain to absorb nutrients as well as converts starch in a manner the grains becomes firm while cooking. The dish prepared by the Parboiled rice takes 20 minutes to cook. It is less sticky and the grains are separated upon cooking.

There is high amount of nutrition in each grain and is a rich source of carbohydrates, Vitamin B and Minerals. Even a small amount of rice meal, can easily make you feel fuller, hence, an individual tend to eat less. One can plan a perfect health diet with Parboiled Rice.

Long Grain Rice Suppliers

Shri Lal Mahal is recognized globally as an authentic supplier of Long grain rice and Golden Sella Rice also. We provide refined Basmati Rice that turns into fluffy, long-grain and aromatic upon cooking. Before supplying the variety of rice grains, our quality analysts ensure that it is free from insects and dust particles.

It is, further checked on various parameters of quality to preserve the exact moisture content. We also engage in the packaging of the food items suitable according to the nature exhibit by the rice grains. They are packed in airtight containers to protect and preserve the nutritional value of the content. We are also recognized as the most reliable suppliers of long grain rice.

The rich aroma impart by our rice is simply cannot be matched by any other brand. Our clients can avail the rice at the most reasonable prices. We offer time-bound delivery, whether in bulk quantities or otherwise. Our team of professionals has put significant efforts to work hard for greater satisfaction results for each client.