Non Basmati Rice Manufacturers

We are leading exporter and manufacturer of finest Basmati Rice. Our range of Basmati Rice includes traditional Basmati, Golden Basmati, Golden Sella Rice, Sharbati Basmati and super kernel Basmati Rice. Apart from that, we also offer hybrid varieties of rice to all our customers. The main difference between basmati rice and hybrid variety Pusa Basmati is that it has extra long grain size than the basmati rice before and after cooking.

We ensure 100% purity while producing the rice grains organically. High-grade machines, tools and equipments carry out the production exceptionally well. The rice is hygienically processed within the manufacturing unit, which allows adjusting the production capacity on a monthly basis.

Our range is packed in an attractive and airtight packaging to preserve the nutrients of rice grains. Our nutri-select process of different varieties of grains makes Shri Lal Mahal one of the leading Manufacturers of Indian Basmati Rice. Each grain is assured to be free from pesticides, harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Organic Rice Manufacturer

Shri Lal Mahal engages in producing the wide range of rice grains organically. Each grain is processed under favorable climate, soil and plantation. Our premium quality of rice undergoes natural methods of cultivation. Natural fertilizers are used to produce variety of rice, while also engaging in the process of hybridization. The hybrid variety is best known for its extra long grain.

Pusa Basmati is one of the hybrid variety highly demanded in the international market as well. Shri Lal Mahal is one of the leading manufacturers of organic rice that delivers high nutritional value in each grain. Our entire range is free from adulteration and impurities and hence, safe to consume.

The organic way of producing rice enrich the grains with natural antioxidants, vitamin – niacin, low levels of sodium, fat and cholesterol which in turn increases metabolic activity. Being the leader in manufacturing 100% organic rice, we timely deliver the products to all our customers. Our exclusive moisture-proof packaging protects the grains from adverse climatic conditions.